WElcome to Country

The waters and lands of Moreton Bay, the coastal land and streams between the Brisbane and Logan Rivers, Quandamooka People have lived a traditional life for more than 40,000 years, a time beyond memory.

Our Nunagal, Goenbal, and Ngugi Ancestors of the Quandamooka People spoke Jandai language in Quandamooka Country given to them by Bing Wangan, the ‘One Who Sits Above’. If we listen, observe and respect Budjongjara (Mother Earth), Quandamookajara will continue to provide sustenance, by revegetating the food and medicinal plants we consume.

As you spend your time on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island), we urge you to pause, look and listen to Budjongjara, and return a respect she deserves for her beauty she shares.

Mil binang (observe and listen) to nature, know when the Merigimpah (Sea Eagle) soars high in the sky circling over the sea, it is time to fish. When the paperbark tree blooms in full, there will be an abundance of honey. When the hairy caterpillars travel in long lines across the land, the Mullet will be moving up the coast.

We wish the event organisers, spectators, and all visitors safe travels. May the great spirits grant all participants the agility of the Buwangan (dolphin) and the strength of the Yalingbila (whale).